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2024 HGSRC Membership
New Members

Thank you for your interest in our Swim and Racquet Club! Our Family Friendly Club offers Swimming from May to early September (Hours can be found under "Swimming Tab"), Volleyball facilities, and year-round Tennis (see "Tennis" tab for more information about exciting Tennis Programs offered at HGSRC). Becoming a member will also allow you to rent the HGSRC Clubhouse at the lower "member" rate.

Yearly memberships are offered for Singles or Couples @ $625/yr as well as for Families (which includes Children) @ $795/yr. Please note that as a new member, you will be required to pay a one-time initiation fee.  This initiation fee can be paid in full for $1025 or split into three equal payments of $400 (bringing the split initiation fee to $1200). If you initially purchase a single or couples membership and then have an "addition" to your family, you will NOT need to pay this one-time initiation fee again when switching plans. This can be paid through the HGSR Club App or Web Portal


Decide on your Membership selection. Family memberships include children (any number) where as Single, Couple, or Empty-Nester include up to two adults (no children). Decide if you want to pay your one time initiation fee in full this season or split over three years ($400 extra per year results in a $1200 initiation fee rather than $1025 if initially paid in full).

Family Membership Paid in Full = $1820

Single / Couple Membership Paid in Full = $1650

Family Membership 3yrs Initiation = $1195

Single / Couple Membership 3yrs Initiation = $1025

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